About us

Whilst Grimsby has the superb Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre and the wonderful Time Trap Museum at Grimsby Town Hall, there hasn’t been anywhere to display museum pieces since 2004 when North East Lincolnshire Council controversially closed Welholme Galleries. Towns the size of Grimsby and Cleethorpes should have a general museum where local heritage can be celebrated! It seems crazy that we haven’t!

Our idea is to display images of Grimsby and Cleethorpes related things on this site. We don’t want the actual items, we just want good quality photos of them. The names of the owners can be displayed alongside or, if preferred, the owner can remain anonymous. We can only consider original images taken by the owners of potential ‘exhibits’ and not pictures which have simply been grabbed from books or the internet e.g. eBay.

Kind people have already provided ‘exhibits’ to get us going. We hope that this new website will stir up lots of interest and more ‘exhibits’ will soon be offered to us. Let’s proudly show off items, small and large, which tell a story and provide information about our rich local history. Fingers crossed that this idea will work.

Established August 2019, updated several times per week.